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Brand "General Climate"

Brand "General Climate"





General Climate is an international industrial holding, established in 2002 with material help of Russian investors the main aim of whom was taking the leaders position among the world vendors of air conditioning, ventilation equipment and refrigeration systems.

Our Partners have always been only the best vendors of this industry. The main criterion in choosing aPartner has always been clearly fooling the principles of uncompromising quality. For a long time, the company’s entire profit invested in developing and creating its own strong industrial base.

To date, General Climate owns production facilities in Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Denmark, Russia and China. In adding, during this time the company managed to concentrate huge intellectual potential, expressed from different counties, prominent experts in the marketing and international sales areas.

 Such combination makes a truly enabling environment for the production of high quality, reliable and competitive equipment.


The General Climate’s main aim is creating a high-quality product, that will exceed analogues in its quality, technical capabilities but wouldn’t cause feelings of inaccessibility.

The brand’s concept is reflected in the title GENERAL CLIMATE. The combination of «GENERAL» - general and, therefore, created for the society, «CLIMATE» - the atmosphere that surrounds us. Just as long familiar to us «General Motors», «General Electric», created for society, but the basic concept are:

  • Reliability;
  • Convenience;
  • Accessibility.

Moreover «GENERAL» also means the principal, and therefore seeks to manage, inspire confidence, lead and cause a silent respect as the rank of Russian General. Thus, GENERAL CLIMATE – is a brand designed to become popular, and so the main and only in the selection of equipment to create the atmosphere around you.


An important component of the success of General Climate - is a teamwork of professionals, based on a clear division of functions and constant exchange of information and ideas. General Climate team consists of young, highly educated, energetic and organized people who are ready at any time to provide technical support to its partners.

Studies, conducted by our company regularly, due to a desire to occupy a leading position in the industry, allow us to continually improve and add our product range, using the revolutionary technology in the production, testing and control the quality of our products.

Successful development in Russia and the CIS has given a good impulse for further expansion into neighboring countries. Today the equipment of General Climate worthy established itself in the global HVAC market and continues to win new positions, becoming the object of preference by a wide model range, high-quality products and competitive price.

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