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Company history

Company history


Group of companies INROST is one of the leaders of the HVAC market of Russia. At the moment it specializes on the delivery and distribution products for  the systems of domestic and industrial conditioning, ventilation and heating , making projects, installation and commissioning of engineering systems.



February, 8. The company began operations as a small company offering a narrow range of HVAC equipment (fans, air cleaners, radiators), interspersed with domestic appliances.

The climate was then one of the areas we were looking for ourselves. But it quickly became the first direction.



First air conditioner was sold in April, 1995. It was the beginning of serious development of climatic way in our company. At that time our staff consisted of 12 persons, so each of whom was universal.

Soon new departments were created: a service department, an assembly service, sales managers’ staff was expanded, dealer network had have started to create.

During this period the company started cooperating with such foreign companies as FRICO and LG.



This year marked with the establishment of partnerships with  Panasonic and OLEFINI. Besides at this time has been registered our own trademark – GENERAL (heating equipment).

INROST became one of the founders of the Association of Industry of Climate (shortly APIC). Currently the president of General Climate is a member of APIC.



Since 1999 INROST is consisting in the Association of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Heat Supply and Building Thermal Physics (shortly AVOK).



The official site of company www.inrost.ru was created and tested and a major informational resource was launched.



The beginning of a serious work on the creation of a central air conditioning department. There was appeared such departments in the structure as project, commissioning and service, installation and a special department – dealing department with corporate clients, whose the main task was working with customers in system of central air conditioning.



President of the company was awarded the Order «For the revival of Russia. XXI century»



May 28. The company celebrates its new dwelling on their own territory, which placed on the 39, Volnaya Street . This, in turn, contributed the appearance of a number of advantages, such as a large storage space (more than 9000 m2), a retail store “Peace of Prefect Climate”



Registering the trademark GENERAL CLIMATE (air conditioning and ventilation)



The retail department of Inrost got its own virtual store .



Responding to the need of the HVAC market, dictated by increase in construction volumes, the company decided to create a department of sales of industrial machinery (General Climate). At the same time there is an expansion and restructuring of the dealer.


The great emphasis is placed on the development of service centers, equipment repair GENERAL CLIMATE in Russia.

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