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Our partners

Our partners

As one of the leaders and pioneers of the HVAC market of our country, a group of companies “INROST” always strives to ensure that the wholesale and retail customers were invited to only the highest quality equipment, that is why our vendors are well-known and reliable partners.



 General Climate is an international industrial holding, established in 2002 with material help of Russian investors the main aim of whom was taking the leaders position among the world vendors of air conditioning, ventilation equipment and refrigeration systems.

To date, General Climate owns production facilities in Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Denmark, Russia and China. In adding, during this time the company managed to concentrate huge intellectual potential, expressed from different counties, prominent experts in the marketing and international sales areas.


The range of General Climate equipment: room air conditioners, multi-zone system conditioning, chillers and fan coil units, installing ventilation and air conditioning, modular cooling centers, a series of Air Europe: industrial equipment, fans for round ducts, curtains.

 Company OLEFINI (Greece) was founded in 1977 by the merger of two firms, one of which was specialized in manufacturing of industrial plastic, and another - in the production of molds. Currently OLEFINI specializes in producing air curtains, fans, and accessories for air conditioning and heating of industrial plastics. OLEFINI supplies its products to more than 30 countries, including countries such as Sweden, France, Spain, England, Belgium, Russia and CIS countries, as well as several others. Enters the three largest European manufacturers of air curtains.


Group of companies "Inrost" is the exclusive supplier of OLEFINI in Russia. Thermal air curtains OLEFINI are sold by INROST group of companies under the brand General Climate.



Founded in 1988, the company Thermocold Construzioni S.r.l. specializes in the manufacture of air conditioning equipment.

Until 1995, the company Thermocold was a small producer and worked only in the domestic market. In 1995, after choosing a new leadership has been radically altered the strategy of further development in order to enter the international market. To do this, the company is fully updated product range, has developed plans for staff development and active promotion of the brand.

In 1996, the Thermocold products received a quality certificate in accordance with the requirements of EN ISO 9001. One of the company's priorities has always been research work, which has traditionally invested serious money.



Panasonic company slogan - «ideas for life» - involves the creation of conceptual ideas about how to improve people's lives, how to make it more convenient, secure, rich and interesting. Panasonic sells the idea to manufacture the widest range of products - audio and video electronics, information and communication equipment, household appliances and accessories - all the things that constantly improves the quality of life. But the Panasonic goods  - is more than just household items. Panasonic is trying to create an intangible value to the users of the products, ensuring their safety and security, confidence and comfort.

You want to create in your home comfortable, healthy living environment, not wasting money on electricity bills? Rate unsurpassed comfort from Panasonic!

GC "Inrost" being the official dealer of Panasonic, offers a wide range of air conditioners and split-systems of the brand; multi systems; and a wide range of semi-conditioners (wall, ceiling, columns, cluster and duct air conditioners).



Founded in 1958, the LG Electronics, Inc. (LG) company is a global leader and technology innovator in consumer electronics, home appliances and mobile communications, more than 110 companies worldwide (including 81 subsidiary), which employed more than 82,000 people. The company consists of four business units: Mobile Communications, Digital Appliance, Digital Display and Digital Media, whose total sales in 2007 amounted to 44 billion dollars. U.S. *. LG is the world's largest producer of mobile phones, flat panel TVs, air conditioners, washing machines with front loading, optical drives, DVD-players and home theater.


We offer a range of residential and light industrial air conditioners LG, as well as multi-zone systems in different models.



Systemair company was founded in Sweden in 1974 and is currently the parent company of an international group consisting of more than 50 subsidiaries, which employ about 1,700 people. Major industrial enterprises, whose total area is more than 130 thousand square meters, located in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Slovenia, Lithuania, Spain and Canada.

The company's aim is to establish a mass production of goods and production in small volumes in accordance with market demand. This led to the choice of the equipment and production planning. The company is continuously improving product quality and production organization. Constantly improving working conditions. The company has created all conditions for safe and efficient staff.



More than seventy  years of experience in developing and manufacturing Frico’s  equipment is constantly generalized and systematized, that by now has formed a unique in its extensive database. Its use has become the basis for the development of engineering solutions in the field of heating and energy efficiency.

Frico company is a recognized European leader in the manufacture of air curtains, infrared heaters and heating fans. Hallmarks of a traditional Scandinavian production quality and the increased demands on the design of products.



Carrier - central air conditioning system. The company was formed as an engineer Carrier Willis Carrier (Willis Carrier) in 1902. In 1915 the company was transformed into a "Carrier enginering". The company develops and manufactures mainly "large" air-conditioning systems and cold supply: for residential, commercial, industrial and transport use. Since 1979, Carrier is a subsidiary of "United Technologies Corporation" ("United Technologies Corporation").





The company was founded Climaventa in 1971 and during that time gained a leading position in the Italian market cooling liquids, and one of the leading places in the European market. At three factories in northern Italy with a total area of ??over 26 000 m2 currently employs about 335 people. Since 1995, the company is part of the DeLonghi. In 1999, five production lines Climaveneta certified program EUROVENT.

At present production program includes 37 model series chillers in the range of 18 to 2,300 kW, four model series rooftop air conditioners, two model series of condensing units.




Xpelair (England) - producer of world-class member of the Group's GEC / GE with more than 40 years experience in the ventilation industry.

Xpelair monitors all stages of production - from working materials to the finished product. Most of the components, including fans, electronic controllers are designed, manufactured and assembled the equipment Xpelair in Birmingham, England, and completely secure.

Due to the quality system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001 for design and consumer features, users can be assured that the products Xpelair - Ventilation, Heating, Air - tailored to the purposes for which it was designed.

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